In 2010 and 2012 I raised funds for my debut and second EP by crowdsourcing, with the rewards starting at having a name on my website. So here it is - my official 'thank you' page. Now to business: I would like to thank the following people who supported the making of my debut EP through their very generous kickstarter pledges:
Mathieu RavierJade Cantwell, Matthew Brown, Dave Cheng, Pigtail, Alex Parker, Eveline Nelissen, Louisa Di, Kyle Horsley, Chris Martin, Conrad Barrett, Victoria Waghorn, Clare D-M, Nikki Catalano, Vaughan Allan, Anna Slowiaczek, Torsten Reinert, Tom & Mark Errey, Milos Mlynarik, James Martin, Joyce Fraser, Arian Grant, Joel Di Mento, Nonna Maria Catalano, Nerina Signorelli, Wenee Yap, Priya Vaughan, Karl Eccleston, Marianne Alla, Kate Shepherd, Elis Poullos, Karen Bernardinis, Narelle Croucher, Lyn Dickens, Whitu, Bryony Heath, Vivi Martin, Hiroko Boord, Meron, Claire Gregory, Maisie Cohen, Sara Fagir, Christina Signorelli, Sarah Loder, Carolina Origana & Gus Sullivan, Philippe Perez, Ky Menzies, Shiereen Anne Magsalin, Lydia Catalano Fasogiannis, Jimmy Zhang, Alyssa Venning, Anjali Roberts, Cherie, Jemise Anning, Talitha Klevjer, Catherine Errey, Josephine Errey, Dave Wade and Anna Di Bartolomeo
I would also like to thank the following people who supported the making of my second EP by sharing my Pozible campaign and/or through their very generous pledges:
Aaron Stannard, Adam Carr, Adrian Makohon, Aiyana Schwarz, Alex Parker, Alex Vaughan, Alex Vaughan, Alison Flett, Alison Richardson, Andi Everyday, Andre Tertsch, Anna Di Bartolomeo, Annika Evans, Anthony AO, Arlie Loughnan, Ash Brook, Azu, Bayden Hine, Bec Smith, Brian Fairbairn, Bruce Baker, Catharine Errey, Catherine Errey, Cettina Alesci, Athanasiadis, Champika Phegan, Chris Martin, Christina Signorelli, Claire Pettigrew, Claire Simmons, Dad, Damian Enemark, Damian Ennis, Dave Wade, David Burgess, Donni Hakanson, Elyse Dickson, Emma, Erica Englert, Erica Rees, Eve Enemark, Eveline Nelissen, Fee plumley, Gabi Brine, Gail Mason, Galina Pinski, Gemma Loder, Ghassan Kassisieh, Grace Vaughan, Graeme Coss, Hannah Roehr, Ian Sudjatmiko, Isabella Humphrey, Ivona Budys, Jac Mas, Jamie Dawson, Jess Clarke, Joanna Marshall, Joel Di Mento, John Wigan, Julia & Leo Di Bartolomeo, Karl Eccleston, Karl Jackson, Kate Shepherd, Kate Taylor, Katharine Rogers, Kathleen Williams, Katie T, Kelly Gray, Ky Menzies, Libby gleeson, Lisa Andersen, Liz Mackie, Lizzie Scally, Louisa Butler, Louisa Di, Louise Sergent, Louise Wadley, Luke Nowell, Lydia & Eva Fasogiannis, Lyn Dickens, Maisie Cohen, Marge, Maria and daughters Emily & Gloria, Marshall Okell, Mat Cammarano, Mathew Zizic, Matthew Andreotta, Melinda Collie-Holmes, Michael Breen, Michelle Izzo, Nadia Hassan, Nadyat El Gawley, Nerina Signorelli, Nikki Catalano, Nimfa Lacbungan & son Gilead, Nino & Gai, Noleen Grogan, Oliver Kristevic, Pamela David, Paul Williamson, Paul Williamson, Pauline O'Loughlin, Philippe Perez, Phillip Debs, Pri Yah, Ray Turner, Rob Weir, Rose Wintergreen, RT Elliott, Sam Webster, Sandy Edgar, Sarah Loder, Sean Robinson, Shu Shu Zheng, Simon Michael Robinson, Sivan A Mayhew, Stacey Caponas, Tanya, Thomas Tu, Tiff Lowana, Tim Gray, Tom & Robin, Trevor Petrie, Vanessa Dang, Vivi Martin, Wenee Yap and Winsome Wild
It is because of you that I am able to make my music. Thank you so much for your support.

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